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21st November 2008

11:41pm: Ice Man Cometh
My apologies to everyone who's already seen this, but I wanted to post the first ten panels together, somewhere that wasn't adult flocked. (and I don't *think* this journal is...)

Ice Man Cometh
Blades of Glory graphic novel.
Jimmy sees Chazz in a new light, and is somewhat traumatized.

Ice Man Cometh )

1st January 2008

9:20pm: My end of the year Art meme thingie
It's over on eljay, and damned if I'm not too lazy to re-post the whole thing, so I'll link to it here, and tease you with the fact that there's plenty of inappropriate buttsects and saggy tits. Uh...probably not terribly work safe either...

6th September 2007

10:45pm: My Snarry games entry for this year. NOT
Ah, Cnary, and I have you to blame thank for this! :D


1st September 2007

My contribution to Sept 1, Bring Back The Porn is my Daily Deviant entry, Naked Snape! yay for nekkid Snapes! go check it out, and if you don't already watch DD, you really should! Teh best prony artists are writers are all there, posting every day!

13th August 2007

12:50am: fumbledore lovin' for hp_owls
Okay, am I stoopid here or what? Is there an 'insert' button, or upload tag somewhere that I've missed?

I suppose, until I figure it out, I'll link you to eljay, which is sort of funny and ironic, anyway, doncha think? :D

Hey, while I'm asking dumb questions, how do you get IJ to email you about feedback and friending and such??? thx!

12th August 2007

1:12pm: Making the jump...
Okay, I'm here.

Now it's just a matter of figuring out how the eff things work! :D
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